Vans Logo


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Vans A trend label from the USA

Vans is an American shoe manufacturer that has made a name for itself worldwide. Since 1966, the company has offered ordinary shoes, sandals, boots and more, among other things. Its logo – a colorful checkerboard – became a unique symbol for the brand.


The Story of Vans

Vans founder Paul Van Doren began making skate shoe models in 1966 in Anaheim, California. Van Doren’s goal was to make beautiful and comfortable shoes that people love and love to wear. Vans quickly became one of the preferred shoe manufacturers in the skate scene. His shoes were widely dubbed the “Vans Checkerboard” because his logo is a black and white checkerboard pattern.

Today Vans stands for much more than just skating. Its logo has become a symbol of modern lifestyle. It is seen not only on shoes, but also on clothes and accessories. Thanks to its wide range of different shoe styles, Vans has attracted a diverse following that relates to many different lifestyle themes.

Vans is now a global brand

Vans is a global brand that inspires people around the world. Today the shoes are manufactured and distributed in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. The logo has become a symbol of modern lifestyle, known in different countries around the world.

The logo can be seen on a variety of products today, including clothing, accessories, skateboards, and shoes. Vans has become a brand with a unique identity. It is a symbol of diversity and creativity and represents the freedom to express yourself.

Vans is a globally successful label that is characterized by its unique logo and its fashionable variety. It represents individuality and creativity and has a unique appeal to people from all over the world.