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NIVEA – A brand that inspires trust


NIVEA is known worldwide for its high-quality skin care products. The company was founded in 1911 by the German company Beiersdorf and has since been recognized as one of the leading skin care brands. The NIVEA brand stands for innovation and excellent quality, which applies to a wide range of products. The brand offers solutions for all kinds of skin needs, from anti-aging products to dryness-fighting products.

The NIVEA logo is a well-known symbol and expresses the strength and quality of the brand. It consists of a horizontal white rectangle with the brand’s name in sparse typeface. The logo was first designed in 1925 and has seen many different versions since then. The logo is used today on all packaging, advertising and other elements of the brand.

NIVEA and social responsibility

NIVEA is a company that feels committed to social responsibility. It supports a number of charities such as Save the Children, United Way and others that work to improve people’s well-being. Other company initiatives include projects to promote environmental sustainability, promote equal opportunities and support educational programs.

The influence of NIVEA

Over the years, the NIVEA brand has developed into one of the most successful and respected cosmetics brands in the world. Thanks to its premium quality and commitment to social responsibility, it has established itself as a brand people can rely on. With its widely recognized logo and commitment to social justice, NIVEA has managed to create a strong and emotional connection with its customers.