DPD Logo


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The logo of the company DPD is a symbol for quality logistics worldwide. It represents reliable deliveries, quick turnaround and happy customers. DPD has a long and successful history that runs through the brand and the recognition value of the logo. The modern and stylish colors of the logo have been specifically chosen to convey a positive and trustworthy feel.

The DPD logo has a long and successful history, which has been further developed over several years. Originally developed as a combination of the Latin word for “delivery” and the Greek word for “speed”, the logo has been continuously improved over the years to adapt to the changing needs of the company. Finally, the logo as it is known today was introduced in 1992.

DPD’s logo consists of a simple black circle surrounded by a white circle in the middle. The black circle is surrounded by a light shade of blue, reminiscent of the color of the sky. The logo comes in a modern and stylish design and aims to convey a positive and trustworthy feel. The white circle represents the symbol of logistics and the black circle symbolizes the efficiency of the company.

DPD logo and its meaning

The logo of DPD has a strong meaning behind it. It represents reliability, speed and customer satisfaction. It is a symbol of the company’s ability to meet customer needs and lead the market. The logo also represents a symbol of professionalism and quality and is intended to encourage customers to rely on DPD.