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Ac Dc Font

Who Designed the ACDC Font?

The iconic ACDC font is instantly recognizable to rock music enthusiasts around the world. This bold and electrifying typeface has become synonymous with the legendary Australian rock band, AC/DC. But have you ever wondered who created this distinctive font that perfectly captures the band’s energy and attitude?

The ACDC font, also known as “Squealer,” was designed by Gerard Huerta, a renowned American graphic designer and lettering artist. Huerta is celebrated for his exceptional work in creating custom logos and typography for various bands and musicians. In the case of AC/DC, he crafted a font that perfectly embodies the band’s powerful and rebellious spirit.

ACDC Logo 1

What Does ACDC Font Mean?

The ACDC font holds immense significance for AC/DC fans and admirers of rock music alike. Its bold, angular, and slightly distorted letters reflect the band’s raw energy and hard-hitting sound. The ACDC font is often associated with power, rebellion, and a relentless pursuit of rock and roll.

The distinctive lightning bolt between the letters “AC” and “DC” further adds to the font’s symbolism. It represents the electrifying energy that courses through the band’s music, captivating audiences worldwide. This lightning bolt has become an iconic element of AC/DC’s visual identity, making the ACDC font instantly recognizable and unforgettable.


The ACDC font is often mistaken for a logo due to its unique design and association with the band. However, it is important to differentiate between the ACDC font and the band’s official logo. The font refers specifically to the lettering style used in the band’s name, while the logo encompasses the entire visual representation of AC/DC, including the font, the lightning bolt, and other elements.

The ACDC font, or Squealer, is an integral part of the AC/DC logo, but it is not the logo itself. The font serves as the primary visual representation of the band’s name and is often used in conjunction with the lightning bolt symbol to create the complete AC/DC logo.


Who Uses the ACDC Font the Most Today?

Since its creation, the ACDC font has gained immense popularity and has been widely used by fans, designers, and musicians alike. The font is frequently employed in various forms of media, such as album covers, concert posters, merchandise, and even tattoos.

While AC/DC remains the primary user of the ACDC font, it has also become a popular choice for other rock bands, tribute acts, and rock-themed events. Many designers and enthusiasts appreciate the font’s ability to convey a sense of power, energy, and rebellion, making it a perfect fit for rock and roll aesthetics.


Can I Use the ACDC Font in My Personal Projects?

As the ACDC font is a custom creation by Gerard Huerta specifically for AC/DC, it is not available as a commercial font for public use. The font is protected by copyright and is exclusively licensed to AC/DC and their authorized partners.

However, there are various alternative fonts available that closely resemble the ACDC font, allowing you to capture the same essence in your personal projects. These fonts, often referred to as “AC/DC-style” or “rock and roll” fonts, can be used to evoke a similar vibe and pay homage to the iconic AC/DC aesthetic.

IThe ACDC font, designed by Gerard Huerta, is a powerful and recognizable typeface that represents AC/DC’s raw energy and rebellious spirit. While it is not available for public use, alternative fonts can help you achieve a similar look and feel in your personal projects, allowing you to channel the electrifying essence of AC/DC.

Squealer Regular Characters Overview

Squealer Regular Lowercase Characters
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Squealer Regular Uppercase Characters
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Squealer Regular Numeric Characters
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