Agency FB Font


 Agency FB Font

Agency FB is a sans-serif typeface designed by David Berlow in 1990. It’s known for its condensed and geometric design, giving it a modern, industrial feel. The font is often used in headlines, posters, and other display contexts where a strong, impactful presence is needed.

Agency Fb Font

Fonts that Pair Well with Agency FB

When pairing fonts, it’s important to create a balance and contrast that enhances readability and visual appeal. Here are some fonts that pair well with Agency FB:

  1. Helvetica:
    • A classic sans-serif font that complements the modern look of Agency FB.
    • Works well for body text when Agency FB is used for headlines.
  2. Garamond:
    • A traditional serif font that provides a nice contrast to the geometric shapes of Agency FB.
    • Ideal for body text in print materials.
  3. Roboto:
    • A modern, sans-serif typeface with a clean design.
    • Suitable for both body text and headlines, creating a cohesive look with Agency FB.
  4. Georgia:
    • A serif font with a classic, elegant design.
    • Pairs well with the industrial feel of Agency FB, especially for longer text passages.
  5. Open Sans:
    • A humanist sans-serif typeface known for its legibility.
    • Versatile for both body text and headlines, matching the modern aesthetic of Agency FB.
  6. Lora:
    • A serif font with roots in calligraphy, offering a warm and sophisticated feel.
    • Provides a good contrast to the more mechanical look of Agency FB.

Tips for Pairing Fonts

  • Contrast: Choose fonts with different styles (serif vs. sans-serif) to create visual interest and hierarchy.
  • Harmony: Ensure the fonts have a similar x-height and general proportion to maintain a cohesive look.
  • Purpose: Use Agency FB for attention-grabbing elements like headlines, and pair it with a more readable font for body text.

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AgencyFB Bold Characters Overview

AgencyFB Bold Lowercase Characters
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AgencyFB Bold Uppercase Characters
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AgencyFB Bold Numeric Characters
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