Barbie Font

WheBarbie-fontn it comes to iconic brands, Barbie is undoubtedly one that has left an indelible mark on popular culture. From her trademark blonde hair to her fashionable outfits, Barbie has been a source of inspiration for generations of children and collectors alike. Let’s take a look at the origins, copyright status, availability for Cricut, closest match in Canva, color variations, and popularity of this font.

What type of font is it?

Barbie Font

Barbie Typeface, also known as Barbie Medium Italic, is a custom-designed typeface specifically created for the Barbie brand. It has a playful style with slightly exaggerated curves and loops, giving it a distinct and feminine appearance. Reflecting the essence of Barbie’s fun and glamorous image, it is instantly recognizable to fans worldwide.

Copyright Status 


The Barbie Font is copyrighted and owned by Mattel, the company behind the Barbie brand. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of the script without proper permission from Mattel violates their intellectual property rights. Therefore, it’s crucial to respect copyright laws and seek proper authorization before any commercial or public use.

Availability for Cricut

Barbie Typeface is available for use with Cricut machines. While the official script may not be readily accessible for personal use, various font designers have created Barbie-inspired typefaces compatible with Cricut Design Space or other cutting machines. These typefaces capture the essence of the Barbie brand and allow users to add Barbie’s charm to their creative projects.

Closest Match in Canva

While Canva offers a wide collection of fonts, an exact match to the Barbie script may not be available. However, Canva does provide several fonts with a similar playful and feminine vibe, such as “Lemon Tuesday” and “Sweet Pea,” making them suitable alternatives for Barbie-inspired designs.

Closest Font to the Barbie Logo

Although there isn’t an exact match to the Barbie logo, fonts like “Bebas Neue” and “Bodoni Poster” share similarities in boldness and elegance, offering suitable alternatives for creating designs reminiscent of the Barbie logo.

Is it still popular?

Despite being introduced many years ago, Barbie Typeface continues to maintain its popularity. Its association with Barbie’s iconic image and ability to evoke nostalgia make it a preferred choice for various creative projects, branding, and Barbie-related merchandise. Its enduring popularity across generations is a testament to its timeless appeal and ability to resonate with fans.

Information About Fonts on the Website

Font Type Designer Year
Barbie Custom Design Mattel —-
Barbie Medium Italic Handwriting Mattel —-
Dolie Script Handwriting Måns Grebäck 2013
Bartex Handwriting MedRida —-